Gisele Bundchen Reveals A Naughty Bikini Ass For Vogue

In Gisele Bundchen on 25 May 2012

Gisele Bundchen has a very nice cleavage!

The gorgeous Gisele Bundchen is on the cover of Vogue Paris and she shows a tremendous bikini ass. The photoshoot is colorful and hot. The model looks at her best, posing in any possible positions, just like a professional gymnast. The fact she’s so flexible just makes me think about how she can use this advantage in bed and this photos give me lots of dirty ideas.

I guess she is the best well paid model in the world for a reason. Not only that she’s sexy as hell – just take a look at how great her boobs look when she holds them in her hands, being all topless, but she knows how to play with camera.

When she’s in the pool and under water swimming, all I can see are long legs. When she poses with dumbbells, her toned muscles reveal in a nice way. And when she exposes her sexy ass or her full boobs, I’m going nuts. Gisele Bundchen is perfection!

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