Go Nuts With Rosie Jones

In Models on 15 Mar 2013

We’ve got two sexy pieces of Rosie Jones!

We already know Rosie Jones is not a good girl at all. But expecting the hottest things delivered by the sexy brunette doesn’t mean you will not be totally blown away by her curves every time she shows them off. And this is something ordinary for her, I’m telling you. Rosie Jones must be enjoying her body more when it’s naked, rather than when it’s dressed. With her big tits as her best accessory, of course.

And Nuts seems to be the mode’s favorite magazine to pose in, as well as Rosie Jones seems to be one of the top girls of the magazine, too. It’s a win-win situation, with another win that I’d add for the third party, meaning our satisfied eyes. Take a look below at Rosie Jones: she’s all about her boobs, ass and all the nude splendor characterizing her.

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