Hellen Mena – Big Ass In Thong Bikini

In Models on 20 Jun 2012

Hellen Mena has a big ass! Sexy or what?

Hellen Mena in Soho Magazine twists minds and imagination in the thong bikini she wears. The beach photoshoot reveals Hellen Mena’s tanned body and there aren’t few the situations in which she totally gave up the bikini bra, covering her boobs with her arms or even sexier, with an over-sized necklace. Topless is one of my favorite words!

Yet, the thing you first notice about this curvy girl is her huge ass. It seems that Kim Kardashian trend is more and more embraced by women, as they really think their butt size counts. For some men this might count, but for some, it’s just too much.

Regardless the second category of men, Hellen Mena isn’t shy at all in showing off her ass in front of the camera, in different positions, so we can get every detail. Overall, she’s hot and her oily body looks nasty, but in a very, very good sense. It’s obvious she wanted to transmit her whole sexiness, choosing such a tiny bikini.

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