Holly Peers Playing Hot Games At The Pool In Tiny Bikini

In Models on 1 Feb 2013

Holly Peers is the wet English bombshell!

As Holly Peers is pretty much used to show off her generous boobs whenever and wherever she can, filling most of the magazine covers with her topless look, what you’re about to see in the gallery below stands for decency.

A tiny pink bikini and some wet curves – now, really, this is too much for Holly Peers. I guess I can count using the one hand’s fingers the time when she actually used a bikini properly. But this is one of the few times when we can enjoy her tremendously sexy body, putting our mind at contribution to slowly take those bikini pieces off.

It seems like Holly Peers is having a pool feast, lounging on a pool mattress and playing with a water gun, getting her hot curves all wet. Her ass is divine, her tits barely hang in the bra, so I’ll stop here and let you enjoy the photos below!

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