Imogen Thomas Is Into Sucking Ice Cream Sticks

In Imogen Thomas on 26 Jul 2012

Imogen Thomas’s nipples get hard while she licks the ice cream!

Imogen Thomas is the expert licker… of ice cream, of course! And because the weather is too canicular, walks in the park can be made only in shorts and bikini bra. Very passionate, both girls have a pleasure in sucking those ice cream sticks. On Imogen Thomas, the effect is visible, as her hard nipples can be distinguished through the bra.

This is not the model’s first public appearance instigating all the men in the street. She seems to love wearing revealing outfits, getting her curves evidentiated. And when a friend joins the show, everything gets doubled.

Really, I don’t know what to pay attention first: her huge cleavage or her voluptuos lips moving around the ice cream. It would be super hot to see the ice cream melting between the tits. This way, my eyes would like to stare forever at this picture.

So, I hear you’re into ice cream sticks, Imogen Thomas. Do you want more? Because I got something special for you…

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