India Reynolds And Beth Humphreys Make A Sexy Pair Together

In Models on 25 Mar 2013

Boobs in boobs, thighs in thighs, India Reynolds and Beth Humphreys are so hot!

Well, well, well. Who do we have in here? It’s India Reynolds and Beth Humphreys for Nuts Magazine, putting on their best show for our pleasure. Each one of them is busty, each one of them is super sexy, and so going with just one of them for the photoshoot would have been more than enough. But, no, they wanted to spice up things, so they put the two busty chicks together, having nothing but skimpy lingerie on their naughty curves.

One next to each other, India Reynolds and Beth Humphreys make a sexy bomb ready to explode in our drooling faces. Tits that just can’t fit the bra cups or bras without any cup leaving them topless, lace thongs and stockings wrapping their legs are a sure combination to blow our minds. India Reynolds and Beth Humphreys make a sexy pair, don’t they?

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