Irina Shayk And Jessica White Or When Two Hotties Join Together

In Irina Shayk on 7 Feb 2012

Irina Shayk and Jessica White rocked the party!

Well, well, well, if there aren’t two of the most beautiful women: Irina Shayk and Jessica White. They enchanted the photographers’ cameras at the Big Game Weekend Kickoff party that was held In Las Vegas. They both wore some sexy dresses, that made them shine and they weren’t shy at all posing, being so used to this.

Jessica White seemed to be very giving when it comes to bootie pictures, smiling and looking at the cameras over the shoulder. The Russian Irina Shayk was also so radiant, exposing her sexy and long legs. From every angle that we look, the two are so hot and flawless. If not all the women can look like them, at least we have the chance to have in possession these photos.

Irina Shayk and Jessica White were a match at that party and I bet your minds go further than that, seeing these gorgeous women. After all, it would be questionable not to fantasize about them, wouldn’t be?

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