Irina Shayk Drags Us Into A Sexy Tropical Fairytale

In Irina Shayk on 14 Jan 2013

Unchain that vest and let us see those two beauties, Irina!

Maybe I say this too often, but what you are going to see in the photo gallery is a real revelation. The beautiful Russian model, Irina Shayk, stands before us wearing Aqua Bendita swimwear. And, indeed, the model’s beautiful body is blessed with some of the most exciting curves I have ever seen. Plus, as her simple presence was not enough, Irina Shayk drags us into a sexy tropical fairytale, where she intoxicates our senses with her killing positions, highlighting each of her body lines.

We find a daring woman having no mercy for our weak hearts, as she shows off the full round shape of her delicious tits, among other provocative hypostasis, like laid down on the hot sand or all wet in the swimming pool. And speaking of the swimming pool, she actually took underwater photos, where she looks just as stunning as she does at the surface. I guess there’s nothing we can ask from Irina Shayk that she can’t do.

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Irina Shayk Gets Colorful in Agua Bendita Swimwear