Irina Shayk Is The Sexy Valentine Girl

In Irina Shayk on 24 Jan 2013

Smoking hot beauty, Irina Shayk!

Irina Shayk wants to be our Valentine Girl. All hot and exposed, the model looks ravishing for La Clover 2013 Valentine’s Day Collection. Not that she needs a special occasion to put on some sexy lingerie, as she is more than generous to give up on the clothes so that we can have the sexiest view below our eyes, but Irina Shayk looks the way we’d like every woman to look like at least for this holiday.

Her boobs fill in the generous bra cups and it’s a joy watching her body curving in so many ways. And as a bonus, in the gallery there are also photos with Irina Shayk at the beach. Wearing a mismatching bikini, with a teeny tiny bikini bottom, I’m starting to feel jealous on the people that had the privilege to be there and see her showing off her sexiness.

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