Irina Shayk Teasing A Hot Colorful Summer

In Irina Shayk on 18 Jun 2012

Irina Shayk gets leggy for the summer!

Irina Shayk announces a hot and colorful summer in her new bikini photoshoot. I don’t know what her real plans are for the holidays, but in these photos, she’s ready to rock the beach in some sexy outfits and especially some sexy bikinis. Surfing or skateboarding, imagine this sexy model doing these more naked then dressed.

Irina Shayk is hot in any season, but we all have a weakness when it comes to summer. Her tanned skin and curves exposed in the photos prove us once again our theory. If all the girls in the world would look like her, then there would not be any sad man.

Now, I’m just looking forward to seeing Irina Shayk in action on the beach. All these teasers are enough for me. I want the real thing! Boobs and ass spreading on the hot sand… Oh, what a dream!

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