Irresistible Selita Ebanks Will Make Your Jaws Drop

In Selita Ebanks on 15 Feb 2013

Selita Ebanks will leave you speechless!

If Victoria’s Secret didn’t know what they lost when they let Selita Ebanks go, they will definitely find out today. The former angel looks flawless in Manor lingerie, disclosing her body in some of the skimpiest pieces of lingerie. Hold your jaws, because they’re about to drop after seeing the photos below.

I must say her legs look the longest in that red and white themed puffy short dress. Well, Christmas is long gone, but I guess Selita Ebanks is trying to show us what a great Santa girl we lost. But that’s not all she’s got to offer. Her sweet ass and her full cleavage are exposed by turn, so we can focus on just one part at a time.

And, once again, we’re mesmerized by the charms of a smoking hot model. Selita Ebanks, you have all my respect for those curves!

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