Izabel Goulart Should Wear Only Bikini

In Models on 15 Aug 2012

Izabel Goulart has that Latin sexy charm!

Izabel Goulart sounds Latin. And if it’s Latin, than she must be hot! Letting you give the verdict, below you have photoshoot the Brazilian model made for Agua Bendita 2013. Bikini, bikini and bikini! Having a tanned body, with super long legs that seem to go on forever, Izabel Goulart is the fresh appearance.

She brings a sexy attitude and lots of inciting positions and shots that will be remembered in my future fantasies and she meets all the standards modeling requires, without being too skinny. I guess she turned her ass for the camera on purpose, to show what a tight round booty she got.

Can’t complain about her boobs or hard tummy, either! But to Izabel Goulart’s ravishing look contributes her long wild hair, too. I’m not that good with colors, so I really can’t say if she’s a blonde or brown-haired. And because Victoria’s Secret never misses a fresh hottie, Izabel Goular is one of the brand’s angels.

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