Jeisa Chiminazzo Covers Her Leggy Figure In Mystery

In Models on 9 Jan 2013

Jeisa Chiminazzo is hot. As we are, too, seeing her inciting braless appearance!

Here’s another Brazilian model presenting her curves for us. Wearing La Perla Spring Summer 2013 Collection, Jeisa Chiminazzo appears to have arrived from another time. Everything she’s wearing looks nothing like the skimpy lingerie we’re used to see these days, rather expressing a mysterious sexiness that seemed to be so long forgotten.

Ruffles, fine see-through material and incredible curves to expose all these on make the perfect combination to stir some of the most innocent desires in us. Nothing too vulgar, nothing too exposing, just disclosing enough to highlight the model’s superb features. But our excitements gets at its highest limit when the sweet Jeisa Chiminazzo appears with a braless see-through white top on, provoking animal instincts in us of ripping it all off, just by seeing her free boobs expressing only sensuality.

As for the rest, I am enchanted by what unveils in front of our eyes. Jeisa Chiminazo can be proud of her leggy figure!

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