Jennie Garth In Bikini At Azure Pool Party

In Celebrities on 4 Sep 2012

Jennie Garth having a leggy appearance!

Jennie Garth was a sensation back in the 90’s, when she was a part of the old 90210. Today, at 40, she still doesn’t want to give up on the sexy, revealing clothes and so she appeared in a bikini at Azure pool party in Las Vegas. At first, her yellow bikini is covered with a see-through dress and her slim figure doesn’t betray any sign of age, just her beautiful cleavage she lets out for the people to see.

The real moment of truth is when she takes her dress of and her whole body is discovered. Jennie Garth has a flat belly, but, sadly, the skin is in real damage – probably because of the three kids she has. She looked hotter covered up in that dress, with a lot of mystery going on and certainty all eyes concentrated on her boobs for admiration and not on her poor belly. Jennie Garth should work her ass like crazy, if she wants to get back to bikini.

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