Jennifer Aniston Nipple See Through

In Uncategorized on 18 Jul 2008

Jennifer Aniston nipple see through

Look at Jennifer Aniston’s frisky nipples triyng to come out and play. Either it was a chilly day or she just got off the phone with her 30-years-old boyfriend, John Mayer. He should have been there to see those horny nipples, maybe then he wouldn’t be in coffeehouses picking up girls.

On June 20, John approached a writer from Manhattan Beach and sat beside her at her table. “I think he thought I was from Amsterdam, because he said, ‘I am John and I am a singer.’ I asked him what his relationship status was. He said, ‘It’s vague.’ I asked him what that meant and he said, ‘You know, it’s very vague.’ What she did say is that John was acting very much like a single man. “I never would have guessed he had a girlfriend at all.

Like her career after “Friends”, Jennifer Aniston’s lovelife isn’t going very well. I don’t know why, because I think she looks great and she seems to be a kind and intelligent person.

I hope John will see what he will miss if he keeps acting stupid!