Jennifer Lawrence Gets Comfty In Sexy Clothes

In Celebrities on 1 Jan 2013

Pokies we get from Jennifer Lawrence and her braless look!

She’s young, she’s hot and she’s successful. Jennifer Lawrance, because she’s the one I’m talking about, is here today to deliver another great photoshoot by Simon Emmett. Going from dresses that follow her curvicious figure and comfty sweaters that don’t cover enough, to bodies that only highlight her voluptuous curves, we discover once again what beautiful features Jennifer Lawrence possesses.

And as much as her incredibly sexy body would take our eyes from anything else, we’re getting mesmerized by her angelic face as well, having such an innocent smile. It almost contrasts with the hotness of her body, but let’s not exaggerate – it’s obvious my mind is set on her delicious legs and the tits she lets braless underneath that silk dress.

Now, I know Hunger Games was the film that brought her in the spotlight, but I strongly believe Jennifer Lawrence can continue her success with a modeling career. Or, at least, she should keep on taking the clothes off.

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