Jennifer Lopez All Disclosed Among Satin Bedsheets

In Jennifer Lopez on 15 Jul 2013
Oh, dear mama! Jennifer Lopez looks sexy as hell!

Oh, dear mama! Jennifer Lopez looks sexy as hell!

She is still the same old Jenny from the block. Or she returns back to the block in the most recent issue of W Magazine. Wearing a sexy nightgown, Jennifer Lopez stands among satin bedsheets, looking all provocative. And by curving her back, Jennifer Lopez shows off everything that we want to see. Her nice hips and big ass is highlighted by the backless shape of the dress, while her boobs stay free in a hot cleavage.

But her appearance doesn’t resume to only indoor shoots. Jennifer Lopez stands way too dressy in front of her Bronx childhood home and poses like she most definitely wouldn’t have done it more than 30 years ago. Getting on with her ladylike, femme fatale look, we can also see our sweet Jenny moving her ass in a concert, like she does it every time she hits the stage. Yet, there’s only one way to describe everything that Jennifer Lopez presents us today: smoking hot!

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