Jennifer Lopez Is One Hot Tease

In Jennifer Lopez on 8 May 2013
Jennifer Lopes still has some nice curves!

Jennifer Lopes still has some nice curves!

The absence of Jennifer Lopez and her famous asset seemed like forever. Well, now it seems like forever and a day, because although we get to see Jennifer in bikini, filming for a commercial on the beach, she didn’t want to reveal that much of her curves. It’s all a big tease. Her dress keeps falling off her shoulder, giving views to her yummy cleavage, while the split on one leg reveals the bottom part as well.

The scenario implied even getting into the water and while some of the girls surrounding her were topless, Jennifer Lopez still wasn’t having any thoughts of losing that dress. When finally she changed the bikini and left the dress aside, even flaunting her big sexy ass on a lounge chair, different equipments were obstructing the view.

Bad luck or what? I’m so looking forward to see the final result of the commercial. Maybe there we get to see more of Jennifer Lopez and her smoking hot curves.

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