Jennifer Lopez Still Got Ass

In Jennifer Lopez on 18 Jun 2012

J Lo is still the queen of asses!

Let’s forget just a second about Kim Kardashian and all the girls claiming to have the curviest ass. Let’s remember Jennifer Lopez, who twisted out minds with her dance moves many years ago. Today, her ass is not changed at all and she’s as energetic as always on the stage.

Performing live in Panama City, Jennifer Lopez offered quite a show, wearing a see-through body covered with sparkling things. It was so tight on her body, that everything I could see was her butt. She danced and curved her sexy body on the music with so much passion she ended up being sweated.

Now, that’s what I call dedication! The pictures are hot, but I guess being in the crowd at one of Jennifer Lopez’s concerts is even hotter. After all, there’s nothing comparing to being able to see that booty in its real size, in the real life.

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