Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Boobs Get Bigger With Every Pound

In Jennifer Love Hewitt on 24 Feb 2012

Jennifer Love Hewitt's boobs wanna see the world!

Jennifer Love Hewitt has been under our attention for so many years and she was so young when she first appeared in a movie that we got to see all of her physical transformations through the years. She definitely got me with her enormous cleavage and she was always so generous, exposing it in some of the sexiest outfits.

Today Jennifer Love Hewitt is over 40, but she still got it. She may not look as well as she did 10 years ago, but she kept her beauty and her sensuality. When a woman starts putting on some weight on her (because let’s face it, Jennifer is heavier than before), we can just enjoy of some of the effects, like even bigger boobs or even bigger butt.

And Jennifer Love Hewitt has plenty of that, that red bandage dress (she’s obsessed with these Herve Leger dresses) exposing perfectly her curved figure. Some would say that this is not something to be proud of… But I say that Jennifer can really kick asses 20 years younger than her!

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sexy breast, great ass! I love her.I wanner date her? where will I can? cougarkiss is the best choice! Believe or not.

February 27, 201211:28 am

Try this 2012 – 1979 =? I’m pretty sure that means she isn’t “over 40!” It’s okay. You’re a blogger.

March 1, 20125:17 am