Jessica Hart Is Hot

In Jessica Hart on 22 Apr 2010
Jessica Hart Bikini

Jessica Hart Bikini

It is official. Australia is the greatest place ever! I say this because the only pictures I ever see from there are of Victoria’s Secret models in tiny bikinis on the beach. Case in point: Jessica Hart. Here she is on Bondi Beach showing off her world class body in a tiny bikini. She is looking perfect and even has those hot little lower back dimples.

Jessica even goes the extra mile and gives us a shower show. Normally, the shower show is like $30 extra. That is if you’re the kind of guy who would go to place where hot girls might get naked for money and take a shower while you’re watching. I don’t go there for the shower shows or the lap dances, I go there for the food and because all of the girls really are college students who have the most amazing ideas. We have the best conversations and I even demand that they get fully dressed before we talk and share a salad. I also have a bridge to sell you and just spoke to Elvis. . . he’s still alive you know.

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