Jessica Rafalowski Opens Her Door In Thong

In Models on 26 Jun 2012

Jessica Rafalowski looks absolutely stunning in lingerie!

Me in my place photoshoot, by Esquire Magazine entered in Jessica Rafalowski’s intimacy, surprising her in a sexy hypostasis. The camera found the beauty queen wearing just her sexy and comfty lingerie and the photos look so natural, revealing her inner beauty through the provocative attitude Jessica Rafalowski adopts.

Happy, relaxed and most importantly, looking hot, the model twists minds with a perfect ass and naughty cleavage. Her curves give a whole new inspiration for what we can do with a kitchen table or the rest of the furniture. That hot naked body is the best piece of decoration ever!

And if Jessica Rafalowski is messy only by fooling around alone in her home, I just imagine how sexy she must be after a long, wild and sweaty night in bed with me. Because that’s what I get from these photos. She totally invites me over, to take advantage of her naughty body!

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