Jessica White Is The Black Sexy Angel For Halloween

In Models on 29 Oct 2012

Jessica White has the sexiest Halloween costume!

The crazy Halloween atmosphere has just begun this weekend. Everyone likes to costume and once a year they make it without needing to be judged by the others. While people choose some very inspired costumes, Jessica White stays in her comfort zone, putting on some sexy lingerie with stockings and black wings.

She is definitely too sexy to be the good angel, you can see that in her eyes, except for the fact that it’s for a good cause, for her Angel Wings Foundation. So, Jessica White not only she’s a hot chick, but she has a big heart, too. Oh, well, her big heart is visible, as well, because she’s not afraid to show off her bra that gently squeezes her boobs out.

Jessica White’s 1st Annual Lingerie Halloween Party was a hit, for sure. Who wouldn’t go to a party where the host receives her guests in lingerie? And when the host is the beautiful model, Jessica White, no one is crazy to miss that.

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