Joanna Krupa Juggles With Her Boobs At The Volleyball Tournament

In Joanna Krupa on 4 Apr 2012 by Bog

Joanna Krupa is the beach volleyball sensation!

Joanna Krupa is in the Model Beach Volleyball Tournament in Miami and I don’t know about her playing, but I know that she made an excellent job choosing her outfits. Volleyball make us, the men, see the women in some of the most unusual positions, trying to do their best for the team, so when Joanna Krupa appeared in a bikini bra and some sexy shorts or in a dress that followed her curves, the spirits heated up even more.

The pictures cannot tell the dance that her boobs performed for the audience or the possible nipple slips or the sweat covering all her body. Still, the photos show her generous cleavage, the secured bootie in those pink shorts and her long tanned legs. She looks like millions and if she plays volleyball the way she moves those delicious curves, then the game is won already.

And if she gets any injuries, I’m more than ready to be her doctor. I would be more than pleased to check her lungs/boobs and give to her a mouth to mouth resuscitation.

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