Joanna Krupa Likes A Small Bikini

In Joanna Krupa on 9 Aug 2012

Who wouldn’t fantasize about Joanna Krupa?

Joanna Krupa turned every head on the beach when she was making a bikini photoshoot. The 33 year old model had quite a show and seeing how active she is and the little pink bikini she wears, I really wonder how she has no wardrobe malfunction. The two chains sustaining the bikini bra are too loose and it seems her boobs wait for the right moment to come out.

Perfectly round shape and big enough to please any man, I can’t figure it out if her tits are fake or not. Good thing Joanna Krupa is protecting them with sun screen cream. The bikini bottom is small, too, and it’s hard to say if it’s cut more in the back or in the front, because I’m getting the feeling she’s about to expose her intimate parts sooner or later wearing that.

And for the picture to be complete, ass shots reveal a desirable back. Nothing looks greater than some long legs finished with a fine hot butt. Joanna Krupa is a delight!

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