Joanna Krupa Makes Some Nasty Appearances

In Joanna Krupa on 18 Mar 2013

Pokies from a hot blonde!

What was Joanna Krupa up to lately? I don’t know if you have had this question, but I sure did and you’re going to like my answer. Maxim and Maxim photoshoots, one in US and one in Ukraine. So, Joanna Krupa is doing just fine this month. If I’d make a comparison between the two photoshoots, I’d definitely have to go with the Ukrainian issue, where she discloses her every part with no shyness.

But let’s not underestimate any of the photos, because they all picture the same blonde bombshell with killing boobs. And speaking of boobs, I chose to add some extra photos with an appearance she made at a fashion event in Warshaw, Poland. Sideboob, sideboob, sideboob. That’s all I have to say about it. The rest is in the photos and I don’t have to describe anything for you to make you tempted.

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