Kaley Cuoco Is Nerdy In Bed

In Kaley Cuoco on 13 Dec 2012

Such a great view over Kaley Cuoco’s cleavage!

Kaley Cuoco puts her glasses on and tries a nerdy attitude for Esquire Mexico. Well, that doesn’t work so well for her, as she will need more than a pair of glasses, when she’s just wearing panties and very revealing tops. But, as far as I am concern, that doesn’t affect me at all, because Kaley Cuoco fits perfectly into the role of a badass teacher, ready to make her student pay in the sexiest way.

When she poses, she’s so funny and smiley and, at the same time, so appealing, knowing how to show off discretely her body. It’s enough for her to leave her boobs braless, covered by a black top that generously gives a good view over the cleavage or to turn around for the camera, so we could please our eyes with one good ass and some beautiful legs.

What I’m getting from these photos of Kaley Cuoco is that she should keep her hottie status. We love her curves, not her brain!

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