Kaley Cuoco Sexiest Woman On TV

In Kaley Cuoco on 28 Jun 2012

Kaley Cuoco’s taugh abs and nice cleavage are a knockout!

Penny a.k.a. Kaley Cuoco, the next door hottie in The Big Bang Theory TV series reveals her sexy body and her secrets for Maxim Australia. Her outfits are crazy hot, wearing shorts, a tight corset or a braless tank top, with a side boob view –this last one really bugs me every time, as it is for me the biggest tease ever. The photos are nothing than just another proof that the blonde actress should stay in very little clothing.

Actually, Kaley Cuoco admitted she plays ping pong on set with the boys, all dressed up in pink, with teeny-tiny tank top, hot pants, knee socks, some Converse sneakers and headband. With her boobs hanging out and legs showing, as she admits herself, she hasn’t lost a game since she put that outfit on. Who’s concentrating on the game when a girl offers her body on a silver plate in front of their eyes?

And for the record, she’s newly single and she describes herself as a great girlfriend. The guy next to her has to love her dogs and she only dates older men. I’m single, I love dogs and how old is Kaley Cuoco? I should give her a call and let her know I’m her new perfect man to handle those curves.

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