Kate Upton As The Sexy Barn Girl

In Kate Upton on 3 Oct 2012

Kate Upton’s best asset is her cleavage, for sure!

Kate Upton is a busy girl, doing photoshoots where she wears few clothes. Oh, well, if you consider lingerie as a proper outfit, she’s ok. Regardless this, she’s on the cover of Cosmopolitan. The whole idea of this pictorial was putting Kate Upton in the countryside area, transforming it into a sexy paradise, as everything seems to be heaven when the model smiles and shows some cleavage.

Surprisingly, Kate Upton says the body part that she likes to accentuate is her eyes. Yeah, right! When I see a photo with Kate Upton, the first two things that pop in it are her eyes. And that’s not all. For her, sexy is when you look like a good time and have messy hair. If so, I guess she has a good time only in bikini or lingerie.

April and November of 2013 are announced to be hot. Don’t think about the weather. I told you Kate Upton is busy. Sports Illustrated Calendar 2013 – checked as well!

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