Kate Upton Stripping Down To Bikini In Antarctica

In Kate Upton on 15 Feb 2013

Kate Upton doesn’t give up on bikini not even in Antarctica!

Kate Upton returns here with another set of photos from Sports Illustrated. And this time, they’re impressive not by the Kate’s busty figure that we all know, although it always impresses me, but by the crazy idea for the photoshoot. At first, I did not believe something like that, but apparently it’s true and Kate Upton really made a bikini photoshoot in Antarctica. Crazy, right?

Well, Kate Upton said she suffered frostbite while bearing with the cold in just a teeny tiny bikini, but the truth is it was really worth it. White furry boots to keep her feet warm and a fur to lay on, so that she doesn’t feel the frostiness of the ground that much. That’s all she got, because those tits and curves had to look good on the camera.

And they certainly looked smoking hot, as this is one good photoshoot of Kate Upton. Maybe her hotness kept her warm, after all.

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