Kate Upton Topless In Bodypaint Bikini

In Kate Upton on 12 Feb 2013

Kate Upton let go of the clothes!

Take a better look at Kate Upton. That’s not a bikini and those are not jewelries to cover her cleavage. Kate Upton is finally all naked, covered only by body paint. Sports Illustrated delivers the sexiest photos of the blonde model, all topless in bodypaint swimsuit.  You get tricked at first, but after only two seconds, the wonder goes away and you actually realize you’re standing in front of Kate’s big bare tits.

Pokies are the first sign, followed by the unusual butt-crack appearing when she turns around. We just couldn’t ask for fore, as we’re facing such a tremendously sexy beauty, wearing no tangible clothes. Kate Upton delights us with bare curviness and bare hotness.

And if the photos look so great, just imagine how great would have felt seeing this live. Well, I make that my homework. Imagination on – the operation “sitting next to Kate Upton and her naked curves” begins.

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