Kate Upton’s Bra Needs Extra Space For Her Boobs

In Kate Upton on 4 Apr 2012

These swimsuits get smaller and smaller every year!

The voluptuous Kate Upton continues her photoshoots for Beach Bunny, now presenting the Bronze Collection. As usual, she looks stunning and most of the attention that I pay to each photo goes to her cleavage. I think there’s nothing that Kate Upton can wear that doesn’t make her boobs pop out, like they don’t have any room left in the bra.

Every model is hot in her way. I guess that Kate Upton has the boobs advantage that makes all men (including me) have sweet and wet dreams about this girl. The photos in this photoshoot are really sexy and the bikinis worn are so tiny that you almost can see more that Kate Upton wants, but not enough, in my opinion.

Oh, how I wish Kate Upton wasn’t just a Beach Bunny, but a Playboy Bunny. Then she would have totally win my heart forever, seeing her delicious curves without any interferences from the textiles.

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