Kate Upton’s Photoshoot For Beach Bunny – Take Two

In Kate Upton on 7 Mar 2012

Kate Upton is one hot Beach Bunny!

I like all photoshoots with Kate Upton, but I must say that I prefer her in bikini. I don’t know why, I just think that her body is exposed in the best way when she wears nothing but two tiny things. And so, she wows us with another photoshoot for Beach Bunny. As usual, large cleavage with boobies saying hello to the world, a nasty ass and in general some curves that make you envy on the one that gets Kate Upton.

Pretty much it’s the same thing as before, but still sexy. Does someone get bored watching Kate Upton? Your answer just can’t be positive. Kate Upton is one of those girls that you’d fantasize about at any hour of the day, because she’s irresistible and her whole body is yummy. Oh, and let’s not mention her hair color! I have a weakness for blondes – I’m guilty and I’m enjoying it!

Kate Upton is one hot Beach Bunny indeed!

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