Katie Cleary In A Bikini Photoshoot For PETA

In Katie Cleary on 6 Mar 2012

I hope Katie stays in bikini forever!

Katie Cleary is the newest celebrity sustaining PETA and as the association accustoms, she appeared in a very hot photoshoot to militate against wearing real animal fur. If most of the times, the celebrities pose naked, this time Katie Cleary was in a very hot bikini. As a location, the beach doesn’t seem to be the appropriate location to wear a fur, especially if the weather outside is hot like hell.

But as I see Katie Cleary, I am definitely melting, because she is so sexy and she got some curves and moves that drive anyone crazy. She has a wealthy cleavage, her boobs look amazing in that tiny bra and when it comes to her butt, it’s just unbelievable how firm it is. This is what I call a beautiful and sexy woman.

I bet that no man will wear fur after seeing these photos… You know, just for Katie Cleary’s sake. After all, we don’t want women in fur, we want them naked!

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