Katy Perry Curvaceous On Stage

In Katy Perry on 21 Jan 2013

Good voice – checked! Sexy body – checked! Katy Perry has it all!

Say hello to one sexy American. Suddently, Katy Perry felt all patriotic and put the American flag on her curvaceous body while performing in Washington DC. Well, it’s not quite the actual flag, because that would cover too much of her goodies. A very retro body with stripes and stars was enough to expose her legs and the full cleavage, keeping it all very extravagant at the same time.

Katy Perry makes often bold and nonconformist choices, but who are we to judge, when the final result is flaunting her disclosed curves? On stage, she’s a hot flame with a great voice. And we can all see from where her divine voice comes. Her boobs say it all very clear. Look at the photos below and maybe play one of her songs, to feel in the middle of the concert, where you’re at her feet.

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