Katy Perry Knows No Rule – Flashy Cleavage At The Grammy Awards

In Katy Perry on 11 Feb 2013

Katy Perry is proud of her cleavage!

Today we’re picking up last night’s sexiness at the Grammy Awards. Katy Perry was one of the hot girls on the red carpet and she went right on the edge with her tight cleavy dress she appeared in. She doesn’t seem to follow the rules, so why trying hiding out her boobs only because this year’s new official advisory asked the celebrities to keep their – and I quote – “buttocks and female breasts” private.

So did you think this was going to be the goodbye for see-through dresses, deep cleavages, possible nipples exposure or other things like these? No, no, no. We want to see curves, Katy Perry wants to show hers off, so what rules are we talking about?

Everyone was more than pleased to see her cleavage popping out of the minty dress and Ellen DeGeneres did not hide her wonder at all, staring with an obviously impressed face right at Katy’s assets, while John Meyer kept his cool and managed to watch her in the eyes. After all, he’s getting more than just a flashy cleavage from Katy Perry at home!

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