Katy Perry Really Kisses A Girl

In Katy Perry on 1 Jul 2010
Katy Perry Hot Kissing

Katy Perry Hot Kissing

Katy Perry is in Paris looking all kinds of hot and kissing girls. I love this girl. She sees like fun, her body is banging and here she is showing off her huge rack, killer legs and locking lips with another babe. I understand it is just a friendly kiss, but I know they are secretly slipping each other the tongue.

I wonder how far Katy has gone with another girl? These are the things I think about. I stare at boobs and wonder if Katy has has sex with a girl. This is my life, there will be a day when all this pays off. It may come in the form of getting a free lifetime supply of Klondike Bars, but it will pay off.

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