Katy Perry Wet Panties

In Katy Perry on 17 Jul 2010
Katy Perry Wet Panties

Katy Perry Wet Panties

Here are some shots of Katy Perry on the set of her new music video. It looks like she jumps into the pool in her bra and panties then swims around with a guy. These shots are of her climbing out of the pool, shaking her hair and toweling off. Her body is amazing and when she is soaking wet she is sexy as hell.

It is me or are those panties a little bit see-through when she gets wet. As I have said before when you take a hot girl and get them soaking wet they get 10 times hotter and I think these pictures prove that point. It is a killer way to start the weekend so enjoy Katy and stay cool.

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She is beautiful, hot and so sexy i love her.
bras/ panties

January 4, 20116:47 pm

Good blog!!! good pictures, i dont like too much coco but Katy is awesome.

January 7, 20114:48 pm