Kelly Brook Keeps Pushing Out Her Boobs

In Kelly Brook on 18 Apr 2012 by Bog

Kelly Brook has great curves!

Oh, Kelly Brook and her boobs! Can anyone get bored of them? Today’s photos show her posing in bikini, for a professional shooting and in her personal vacation. What can I say? She looks outstanding, as usual, with curves like no other. Still, my eyes are focused on her cleavage and I just wonder, what is Kelly Brook’s bra size?

Otherwise, she’s flawless. Glad to have some ass shots, too, because the view is absolutely sexy, with a naughty and firm butt. Kelly Brook is the kind of woman that makes you turn your head around to check her out better. She can’t be missed in a crowd and who would miss her?

Leggy girl, with huge tits and fine ass – this is even more than a man can hope for a woman. But Kelly Brook is real and she’s sexy and the one that puts his hands on her is a lucky bastard! I keep fantasize it’s me!

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