Kim Kardashian Hourglass Body On The Red Carpet

In Beautiful, Kim Kardashian on 4 Jan 2012
Kim Kardashian Hourglass Sexy Body

Kim Kardashian Hourglass Body

Kim Kardashian’s still doing what she knows best. Show up. Yea, Kim’s showing up everywhere – restaurants, bars, nightclubs, my wet dreams, on TV, movies, music videos, porn sites, magazines, and basically the internet is intoxicated with her. Not that this is a bad thing – at least as long as you don’t really give a shh what she’s really about, and just enjoy her voluptuous body and her amazing, one of a kind lady curves.

I won’t brag about her (too predictable) early divorce or gossip around on her or her lifestyle. One thing’s for sure, she’s beautiful and her body is the only thing I know that can replace Viagra.

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