Kim Kardashian Says Being Sexy Is A State Of Mind

In Kim Kardashian on 18 Sep 2012

Kim Kardashian has no regrets. So, will it be a second sex tape?

Guess who’s on the September cover of Nuts UK Magazine? Well, who else if not our dearest Kim Kardashian. Kim, Kim, Kimmie! For just a reality TV star, she should thank her ass for being such a famous person. Oh, and that sex tape, too, but I guess she’s aware of how much it helped her since she says she has no regrets about it.

And not only that Nuts presents a photoshoot of Kim in sexy bodies, but it also made a collage of some of the naughtiest pics she delivered over the years. Comparing these with her street outfit in New York, wearing a see-through blouse, Kim Kardashian should shut her mouth about she worked so hard to get where she is today.

In the interview Kim Kardashian also lies about how being sexy is a state of mind, then adding that it’s nice to have some curves. I was just talking about the connection between her ass and her celebrity, so why lying Kim?

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