Kim Kardashian Shows Her Ass Everywhere

In Kim Kardashian on 14 Feb 2012

Kardashion showed up looking all hot at the Pre-GRAMMY Gala!

With Kim Kardashian is so funny! She is everywhere, although she seems to have no occupation. Where is an event, there it is Kim, too. Kim parties all the time, makes some photoshoots, has the cameras with her all the way for the reality tv that she appears in, keeps the tabloids interested all the time with scandals, short marriages and divorces and even sex tapes. After all, she does all that she can to catch our attention.

So, at the Pre-GRAMMY Gala, Kim showed up to join the other celebrities. She might not have a known activity, so this gives Kim Kardashian a lot of free time for herself. So, she was quite an appearance, wearing a blue sexy dress, having a generous cleavage and following her curved body. It is a known thing that Kim has always been looking to show her two best body parts: her famous ass and her full boobs.

Oh, Kimmi! You are such a sweet and sexy controversy!

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February 16, 20126:53 pm