Kimberley Garner – Wet Bikini Ass In Barbados

In Celebrities on 15 Mar 2013

Kimberley Garner has a nice wet booty!

Kimberly Garner is definitely too hot to face the UK cold at this time of the year, so running to a vacation location seemed the wisest thing to do for her. And she made the Barbados beach tremble when she appeared in just a skimpy bikini mostly discovering then covering. Between sunbathing and hitting the waves while perfecting her surfer skills, the blonde was nothing but a delight.

Speaking of sexiness, the marvelous work of the wet thong bikini sticking to her goddess body, spices things up like crazy. Yet there’s no nipple action going on, we find a camel toe that would totally surpass any pokies that might happen. Quick, browse the photos below and find it!

Plus, get hot views over nasty ass. That thing is way too round for such a skinny little person. Is it just me or Kimberley Garner tends to reach perfection?

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