Kristin Stewart Looks Happy And Sexy

In Kristin Stewart on 22 Oct 2010
Kristin Stewart legs

Kristin Stewart legs

Kristin Stewart showed up at the Scream Awards in a short little dress and high heels and looking the hottest I have ever seen her. Recently she has been on a hotness streak. The other night she went to a release for a movie and was leggy and sexy. Here she is even smiling. Normally she is dressed down and sullen, but not now.

I have my theories. She is happy and looking hot because either A. She has a new movie coming out that has gotten good reviews and could potentially get her some award nominations and she wants to look more like a movie star or B. She is just happy that she is almost done with those shitty Twilight movies. They made her rich and famous, but it must be painful to be movies you know suck balls.

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