Lacey Banghard Impresses With A Big Size Bra Cup

In Models on 28 Jan 2013

Lacey Banghard knows what are her sexiest assets!

20-year-old English hottie in Ketchup lingerie photoshoot. It’s Lacey Banghard and she’s ready to mesmerize our eyes with her incredibly sexy look. The first thing popping into the photos are her huge tits that apparently are natural. Now, that’s impressive, isn’t it? Big bra cups take over the photoshoot, hardly managing to keep those two naughty tits in check.

And as she had to counterbalance somehow this amount of weight, we immediately see how Lacey Banghard almost trying to compete in sexiness with her cleavage. Tiny panties reveal the sweet shape of her butt-cheeks, leaving us bite our lips of desire. Because, yes, Lacey Banghard is to be desired for her curves and even for that slutty smile on her face.

See below how Lacey Banghard lays her smoking hot figure in bed, covered in lace and sexy underwear gently touched by the soft fur. What a great scenario to be continued into a sweet fantasy!

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