Lady Gaga’s Street Outfit Is A Thong

In Lady Gaga on 13 Jul 2012

Sexy or what? You can’t deny Lady Gaga has a nice body!

I know, it’s hot outside and I also know the outfit for the airport should be comfortable, but these two reasons still don’t explain Lady Gaga’s look. And it might be a good thing to let go of my questions, as we can never understand the artist’s style.

With some pantyhose on, revealing the thong she was wearing, Lady Gaga thought it would be a good idea to cover at least her boobs with a bra and then take a leather jacket on. Her cleavage is kind of doubtful, yet she has some naughty tits she keeps away from our eyes this time. But as always, her pride is the ass. And for good reasons!

The perfect butt-cheeks smile for the camera, because Lady Gaga is not afraid to turn her hot booty to the camera. That’s why she always dances in lingerie and that’s why she chooses the same thing for street appearances, too. She might be weird, but Lady Gaga has sexy curves and she knows it damn well!

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