Laura Vandervoort Gets Comfty In Her Place

In Laura Vandervoot on 22 May 2012

Laura Vandervoort has a nice ass!

Esquire’s Me In My Place continues to capture celebrities in their own homes, wearing few clothes. Today it’s about Laura Vandervoort, the gorgeous Canadian actress. But more important than her occupation is the hot look she has. Sexy, in panties and a large top, she is comfortable in front of the camera, smiling and walking around in her home like there’s no one watching her.

The focus goes on her butt, legs and belly and I must say they’re all a great package. Laura Vanderwoort is a really sexy blonde and she has a lot of potential. She has no problems in her acting career, as she appears in several movies, so I guess she’s talented, too.

But I prefer her in sexy photoshoot, revealing those curves she has. This one is great, letting us to know another beautiful woman. I hope we’ll see more from Laura Vandervoort, because I just love her ass!

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