Leggy Maryna Linchuk In Bikini For Victoria’s Secret

In Models on 8 May 2012

The leggy blonde, Maryna Linchuk, has a nice cleavage!

Maryna Linchuk continues the Victoria’ Secret photoshoots and she poses as well in bikini, on a St. Barts beach. Her name may not be familiar to you, as she is a foreign beauty, coming from Belarus, but the important thing is the way she looks.

The first things I see at this girl are her sexy long legs, making me miss all the beautiful curves she has. Maryna Linchuk has an impressive height and so her leggy posture comes as a normal thing. As for the rest, the blonde has almost perfect measurements. Although she has more generous hips, I find this sexy. Who wants to feel bones in his hands?

All the bikini Maryna Linchuk wears flatter her, making her boobs pop in a hot cleavage and her ass intrigue us even more about her. Being in her 20s, I’m sure we’re going to see this hottie in lots of photoshoots, hopefully, some even more explicit.

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