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Leighton Meester Ass & Legs

Leighton Meester Ass & Legs

Meester’s parents, Connie and Doug, were involved in a drug ring that smuggled marijuana from Jamaica to the United States. Both were arrested for their involvement in the ring, and Connie was released on bail. While out, Connie became pregnant, and once she was convicted, she spent her pregnancy in a Texas state prison. Leighton was delivered in a Texas hospital, and Connie was allowed to live with Leighton in a half-way house for three months. Connie was sentenced to ten years in prison, and once her three months with Leighton were up, her newborn was sent to live with a relative. After sixteen months of her sentence, Connie was released and resumed her role in her newborn’s life. Leighton has always been adamant in maintaining that she has no hard feelings towards her parents for what they did in the past, and she has repeatedly said that her mother Connie is one of her best friends.

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