Lina Posada Crushes Hearts In Sexy Lingerie

In Models on 3 May 2012

Lina Posada incites our imagination with her ass!

Lina Posada is a model name that righ now may not tell you anything. But it will surely tell after seeing the photos below. She is a Colombian model and recently she showed off her goodies posing in a Besame Lingerie Photoshoot, delivering so many sexy photos.

With so many different lingeries: panties, thongs, lace, girdle and all kinds of bra, it’s enough to make an image about Lina Posada. All these make her look so sexy, because she really has what to expose. A generous cleavage and a delicious ass captured in lots of photos make the perfect underwear photoshoot.

Lina Posada crushed me with her long legs and all the lingerie I’d like to rip off her. Her amazing body tells me she’s a catch and in the future I hope she’ll lose every single piece of clothing she has on. If she looks so hot with her underwear on, imagine her boobs being braless! Yummy!

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